This book is very funny but then it was written by a very good comedienne. Mostly written as three page essays they are stand alone comedic takes on everyday life. I like the line “Men get dressed, women get ready.” And “Men don’t like flowers. I have a great idea for a scent that will atract men—how about ‘New Care Interior’?”

My House

After much searching it appears I actually might have found my house. I haven’t wanted to write about it until I knew it was close to being a reality because each time I’ve talked about one I thought would be mine, it fell through. But this one has passed the due dilligence period, and the financing requirements…so Yay! If all goes well I will sign on March 29th.

Its the first day of the annual Great Backyard Bird Count. I’ve been participating in this event hosted by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology for about seven years and its always interesting. Four days of seeing how many of a particular species of bird you can identify in a given area and then adding your observations to a map. It’s interesting to see how your info adds to the map. Plus I love to see from what areas of the country get the most participation. Well I’m off to go have a look-see.

Cedar Waxwings

It’s only ten more days till the Great Backyard Bird Count kicks off but I saw one of my favorite Georgia spring migrants yesterday; cedar waxwings! I saw a flock of at least twenty of these handsome birds yesterday on Tilly Mill Rd as I headed home from class at GPC. Traffic was slow and I was itching to get home but when I saw the waxwings flitting from a pine tree to some bushes I was glad that I wasn’t flying down the road and I could watch these birds feeding on berries. Hopfully I’ll see another flock when the GBBC begins.

Ok so I missed this exercise when I set up my blog aand true to form I’m completing yesterday’s task today.

So what is my goal? First will be to choose a subject for my blog. Should I write about bird watching, zoos and museums?

I love all three of these things and that would fit in with a travel theme.

I could write about what its been like going to college at fifty years of age.

It turns out I’m a pretty good student and I could pass on some tips to fellow non-trads.

Or I could write about the trials of house hunting. The highs and lows of trying to buy one.

Well as I try to narrow my focus, I will take the challenge of writing daily.

By writing daily I have a feeling the blog will choose me.

House hunting

Who would have thought that looking for a new house would take up every last free minute of my life. But worse, is finding one you like, filling out and signing endless paperwork only to find that you were out bid the day before. So we keep searching, trying to find what we want, in an area we want to live in, for a price we can afford. I’ve got to believe my home is out there somewhere.

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